This past weekend, I got to take pictures of Ruby. Ruby's mom, Rachel, is the director of development at Touch A Life and I was her intern in the summer of 2015. Working for her and getting involved in the mission of Touch A Life (so incredible) led me towards where I am now - doing social media / digital marketing for nonprofits! 

Ruby is total 100% pure joy, and though it's impossible that she's a perfect baby, she seemed like one to me (so I'm wondering the secret in the Brown family's DNA). This girl was all open-mouth, all-gums, no-teeth-(yet) smiles all day long. I loved getting to spend time with her and her parents, and see that the joy that flows from her is just an overflow of the love her parents have for her. 

I mean, just look at picture number 2...there's no other word for it except joy.

Ruby is a part of my project for Preemptive Love Coalition, which means that all of the proceeds from her photos went straight to the organization to help refugees in Syria and Iraq. 


Ellie + Nicole